Beatles meet Ali

In 1964 when the Beatles raided the states, everyone became a part of the mania. While teenagers swooned over their boys and chased the Beatles' taxis, celebrities had their say, including Elvis Presley who sent a telegram with his regards (later to be discovered, he wanted the boys OUT). The Beatles' second stop on the US Tour: Miami, Florida. This is where they were scheduled to meet a boxer in person. (Sonny Liston) The lads insisted they wished to meet the winner of the last match, so their roadie tried talking to the brute. But the winning champion was not thrilled at the idea of meeting them, and refused selfishly to even see them. So the Beatles were stuck with meeting Cassius Clay later renamed Muhammad Ali giving photographers a pay day! Their cameras snapped away, as Ali played with the lads. He picked on Ringo quite a bit, particularly for his height and small weight. Ali was a real ham around the boys, and accumilated all the attention for the publicity shots. He looked down on the Beatles, like he was the big-shot and they were just here to meet their "idol". Afterwards, the Beatles were fed up! They left angrily and bitterly, not to speak to their roadie for a long while. In those days, NO ONE outshined the Beatles.