Romney and Richard Nixon

1964 Ninth Winter Olympics Tyrolean Alp

Poor Judy Garland

New Ham-shur beaches in 1964

Col. Orville E. Bloch Seattle, Congressional Medal of Honor winner

Congress of Racial Equality picket line

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, with Joseph Cotten, a Virginia gentleman

1964 Democrats Convention

Riots in Argentinia

Prince Edward

1964 Citizen's vigilante get ready for patrol Brooklyn

Still Cassius Clay in 1964

Cambodia Demonstration at US Embassy in Phnom Penh

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth / Mr Soul

I Go to Pieces - Peter & Gordon

Chad & Jeremy - Yesterday's Gone (rare 1964 clip)

Spanky & Our Gang - "Like To Get To Know You" (1968)

The Seekers - Georgy Girl

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The space race...remember that? (We case you missed it)

Beatles Fan Forever...that about says it all

The Kennedys in the sixties

I'm a big fan of Catcher in the Rye, so I figured, why not?

We listened to Bruce Morrow on wAbc (as he used to say it) on transistor radios

1964 Dick Clark & Jeanne Crain

1964 Elston Howard knocks one otta the park