"The Rebel: Johnny Yuma" Theme Song

Branded (in color)

The Fugitive (1964, Opening)

COMBAT TV Show Intro

The Wild Wild West TV intro (1965)

The Saint TV intro (1962-69)

Maverick TV intro (1957)


The Rifleman (Westlich von Santa Fee) - Intro

Have Gun Will Travel TV Opening Theme

Highway Patrol TV Opening Theme


My Favorite Martian Opening with Sponsor Promo

The Dick Van Dyke Show Theme [With The Rare Unused Lyrics]

My Three Sons B & W Opening Credits 1960 - 1964

gilligan's Island Intro. (Rare, Colorized).

The Munsters theme song

The Addams Family - Original Theme Tune

1966 opening theme to Green Acres tv show

Mr. Ed The talking horse


Patty Duke Show Intro

Peyton Place - Mia Farrow & Ryan O' Neal

Coppertone Commercial - 1960s

★ 1960s floor wax commercial

Head And Shoulders TV Commercials 1960s

Old Coke Commercial


1960s Folgers Coffee TV Commercials

Pepsi Commercial 1960's

Johnny 7 OMA by Topper

Shootin' Shell 45 cap gun commercial ( Mattel )

Flintstones Cigarette Commercial

Mattel Tommy Burst TV commercial 1960s!

Beatles Commercial 1960's

60s *Cracker Jack* Commercial, the older guy was pegged as a member of the communist party by the FBI

Classic 60's Dr. Pepper Ad Campaign.

Vintage Bayer Aspirin Commercial 1960's

Kool cigarette commericals

60's Commercials

The 60's

Memories of the 1960s

Montage of the 1960's

The Decade That Shaped Our Lives: Growing Up in the 1960s

Top 30 best rock songs of the 60's

The Turbulent 60's

1960's The Children of Love


Chubby Checker - The Twist

Beatles "The Night Before"


Mission: Impossible Opening Montage 1

Bonanza Theme Song

UNCLE Headquarters

The Man From Uncle opening titles

T.H.E. CAT starring Robert Loggia

It's About Time TV series open

Kellogg's OK's cereal commercial - Yogi Bear

Quickdraw McGraw - Retromercial

Magilla Gorilla closing

New Casper Cartoon Show closing

Beany And Cecil Intro

Clutch Cargo Opening

Diver Dan - EP 1 - Hard Water

Jackie Gleason for Richard Nixon

1960 - Kennedy Campaign ad from Nixon Debate

Robert Kennedy LBJ Humphrey Campaign Ad 1964 - www.PublicDomainFootage.com

RFK campaign ad 1968

George Wallace '68 Presidential TV Ad

Martin luther King JR - Reaction to JFK Assasination

Robert F. Kennedy at DNC (1) ®

Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice

The Beatles- For No One

The Beatles- I'll Get You

The Beatles- Help!



James Bond 007 Movie Theme Music

Bridge on the River Kwai Theme

The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957) (Trailer)

The Guns of Navarone (Trailer)

The Great Escape (1963) Original Trailer

The Devil's Brigade (Trailer)

John Wayne - The Green Berets Part 01-16

SSgt Barry Sadler, Ballad of the green beret

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco

Herman's Hermits - No milk today

Eric Burdon & The Animals - San Franciscan Nights (Live, 1968)

Eric Burdon - The Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

The Association - Along Comes Mary

Li'l Red Riding Hood - Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs (1966)


Jimmy Mack - Martha & The Vandellas

Martha & The Vandellas "Dancing in the Streets"

The Turtles - Elenore

Animals Please Don't let me be Misunderstood.

The Animals - It's My Life

the kinks all day and all of the night

oh so sixties

American Bandstand

Hair Ironing

Twister (game)

Motown Sound


bellbottom Pants

White gloves

Flower power

Counter culture

Nehru jackets

Top 200 girls names for the 1960s

Lisa 496,917

Mary 355,191

Susan 287,634

Karen 286,010

Kimberly 259,057

Patricia 231,103

Linda 225,401

Donna 213,443

Michelle 208,233

Cynthia 196,583

Sandra 183,782

Deborah 183,419

Tammy 182,197

Pamela 181,928

Lori 176,551

Laura 174,163

Elizabeth 168,854

Julie 166,129

Brenda 164,457

Jennifer 164,395

Barbara 159,733

Angela 159,226

Sharon 154,863

Debra 153,763

Teresa 151,753

Nancy 142,684

Christine 139,306

Cheryl 135,636

Denise 128,826

Kelly 128,053

Tina 126,363

Kathleen 120,952

Melissa 119,202

Robin 118,297

Amy 116,771

Diane 114,431

Dawn 114,277

Carol 112,339

Tracy 103,763

Kathy 101,119

Rebecca 99,459

Theresa 97,109

Kim 94,372

Rhonda 93,596

Stephanie 92,808

Cindy 91,579

Janet 89,300

Wendy 88,953

Maria 88,593

Michele 86,974

Jacqueline 84,352

Debbie 84,191

Margaret 81,858

Paula 80,501

Sherry 77,520

Catherine 76,766

Carolyn 75,270

Laurie 74,442

Sheila 74,064

Ann 72,088

Jill 69,140

Connie 65,278

Diana 65,024

Terri 63,737

Suzanne 59,762

Beth 58,378

Andrea 58,371

Janice 57,961

Valerie 56,580

Renee 55,806

Leslie 54,454

Christina 52,774

Gina 52,360

Lynn 51,931

Annette 51,901

Cathy 51,623

Katherine 50,637

Judy 50,342

Carla 47,883

Anne 47,761

Wanda 47,758

Dana 47,698

Joyce 46,128

Regina 45,823

Beverly 45,246

Monica 45,151

Bonnie 45,086

Kathryn 44,856

Anita 44,384

Sarah 43,907

Darlene 43,522

Jane 43,342

Sherri 41,626

Martha 41,018

Anna 40,854

Colleen 40,671

Vicki 40,505

Tracey 40,287

Judith 39,794

Tamara 38,993

Gloria 38,578

Betty 38,399

Stacey 38,259

Penny 38,217

Shirley 38,070

Victoria 37,738

Jean 37,281

Peggy 37,043

Melanie 36,744

Joan 36,679

Melinda 36,298

Shelly 35,658

Stacy 35,530

Virginia 35,332

Marie 34,804

Maureen 34,437

Ruth 34,177

Julia 34,174

Ellen 34,145

Tonya 34,067

Shannon 33,852

Heidi 33,740

Joanne 33,336

Dorothy 33,018

Gail 32,869

Rita 32,861

Heather 32,696

Deanna 32,263

Holly 32,141

Rose 31,849

Vickie 31,761

Carrie 31,166

Veronica 30,016

Yvonne 29,933

Becky 29,596

Helen 29,087

Sylvia 28,598

Yolanda 28,423

April 28,296

Terry 27,640

Elaine 27,461

Sheri 27,325

Marilyn 26,996

Alice 26,948

Jodi 26,874

Rachel 26,789

Sheryl 26,055

Jackie 25,893

Jamie 25,702

Phyllis 25,700

Frances 24,989

Crystal 24,974

Joann 24,870

Eileen 24,870

Shelley 24,848

Toni 24,837

Charlene 24,614

Sally 24,347

Kristin 24,345

Charlotte 24,233

Kristine 24,122

Jeanne 23,545

Sara 23,042

Tanya 23,024

Belinda 22,943

Carmen 22,864

Sandy 22,713

Evelyn 22,575

Alicia 22,422

Sonya 22,292

Lorraine 22,237

Jeanette 22,085

Yvette 22,080

Loretta 22,063

Joy 21,753

Sue 21,612

Norma 21,507

Roberta 21,093

Vanessa 20,985

Shari 20,517

Jo 20,202

Natalie 19,557

Tammie 19,344

Traci 18,703

Gwendolyn 18,637

Nicole 18,557

Felicia 18,544

Melody 18,468

Shelia 18,444

Tami 18,441

Marcia 18,421

Doris 18,183

Kristen 18,044

Audrey 17,865

Karla 17,713

Jody 17,665

Glenda 17,589

Patty 17,524

Amanda 17,166

Pam 17,110

200 top boys names for thr 1960s

The following table shows the 200 most popular given names for male  babies born during the 1960s. For each rank and sex, the table shows the name and the number of occurrences of that name. The 200 most popular names were taken from a universe that includes 19,611,547 male births

Popular names of the 1960s Males Females

 Name Number    

Michael 833,181

David 733,964

John 713,466

James 684,829

Robert 650,819

Mark 441,442

William 421,528

Richard 373,953

Thomas 327,124

Jeffrey 302,039

Steven 290,675

Joseph 283,090

Timothy 276,808

Kevin 271,450

Scott 266,857

Brian 258,224

Charles 249,434

Paul 242,527

Daniel 242,102

Christopher 237,239

Kenneth 227,516

Anthony 203,115

Gregory 187,532

Ronald 182,172

Donald 172,647

Gary 166,019

Stephen 152,250

Eric 152,209

Edward 143,989

Douglas 135,021

Todd 128,741

Patrick 122,725

George 113,014

Keith 112,592

Larry 108,589

Matthew 105,993

Terry 101,446

Andrew 97,149

Dennis 94,981

Randy 93,870

Jerry 93,530

Peter 92,414

Frank 87,143

Craig 84,718

Raymond 81,782

Jeffery 79,518

Bruce 74,668

Rodney 72,166

Mike 71,448

Roger 71,435

Tony 70,563

Ricky 66,379

Steve 65,633

Jeff 62,072

Troy 61,413

Alan 61,398

Carl 60,780

Danny 60,706

Russell 60,460

Chris 56,354

Bryan 55,313

Gerald 55,301

Wayne 54,760

Joe 53,373

Randall 52,056

Lawrence 51,361

Dale 50,408

Phillip 50,395

Johnny 49,810

Vincent 49,482

Martin 49,118

Bradley 48,735

Billy 48,447

Glenn 48,095

Shawn 47,794

Jonathan 47,420

Jimmy 47,380

Sean 47,345

Curtis 47,229

Barry 47,213

Bobby 46,379

Walter 45,920

Jon 44,885

Philip 44,794

Samuel 44,254

Jay 42,735

Jason 42,581

Dean 42,528

Jose 42,018

Tim 41,579

Roy 40,028

Willie 39,795

Arthur 39,613

Darryl 39,184

Henry 39,138

Darrell 38,006

Allen 37,704

Victor 36,808

Harold 36,739

Greg 36,450

Albert 36,371

Jack 35,604

Darren 35,034

Ronnie 34,711

Ralph 34,184

Joel 33,821

Louis 33,368

Jim 33,198

Micheal 31,971

Marc 31,375

Frederick 30,776

Eddie 30,569

Lee 30,209

Stanley 29,989

Tommy 29,361

Eugene 29,305

Tom 29,192

Tracy 29,165

Howard 28,693

Leonard 28,436

Kurt 28,210

Marvin 28,124

Kelly 28,012

Brent 27,166

Ernest 26,892

Dwayne 26,790

Aaron 26,075

Brett 25,848

Rick 25,731

Benjamin 25,617

Bill 25,145

Reginald 24,920

Duane 23,759

Juan 23,457

Fred 23,181

Melvin 23,081

Adam 22,941

Norman 22,742

Dan 22,716

Mitchell 22,684

Harry 22,664

Jesse 22,604

Nicholas 22,401

Carlos 22,370

Jerome 22,297

Kirk 22,222

Ray 22,179

Don 22,119

Calvin 21,894

Glen 21,889

Brad 21,363

Theodore 21,298

Karl 21,189

Derrick 21,189

Edwin 20,632

Earl 20,370

Lance 20,037

Francis 19,348

Clifford 19,276

Kent 19,259

Derek 19,024

Wesley 18,803

Alfred 18,647

Warren 18,557

Antonio 18,552

Andre 18,107

Clarence 17,500

Bernard 17,459

Kyle 16,597

Tyrone 16,415

Manuel 16,038

Chad 15,913

Luis 15,893

Gordon 15,822

Dave 15,769

Nathan 15,521

Guy 15,349

Kerry 15,285

Daryl 15,259

Leroy 15,214

Lonnie 15,124

Perry 15,114

Erik 14,756

Maurice 14,641

Marcus 14,560

Alvin 14,498

Gilbert 14,428

Vernon 14,407

Alexander 14,212

Stuart 13,961

Rickey 13,938

Shane 13,935

Franklin 13,887

Leon 13,815

Gregg 13,795

Bob 13,783

Darin 13,736

Leslie 13,719

Gene 13,701

Herbert 13,696

Source: 100% sample based on Social Security card application data as of the end of February 2010. See the limitations of this data source.

The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind (1967)

Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby 1967

edison lighthouse - Love grows where my rosemary goes

The Grass Roots-Midnight confessions

Steppenwolf - Born to be wild 1969

The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin'

Petula Clark - Downtown

Help, the Album

The Beatles - Help

Why is she wearing gloves? And what are those? Like santa gloves or something

glow in the dark "kiss me" necktie...I...I...I mean....ouy

...how sad was this? I mean, you need a book for this

7 feet tall...life size...in the NBA, perhaps

or just throw an old plate in the air, either one will do

I wonder if you can still send away for this?

Should I looked at the large chested girl or my hand? Yeah, my hand

An amazing invention, amazing I tells ya

How bored do you have to be to get excited over an Ant Farm?

How dumb is the kid in this picture?

Its what Jerry wears

Lenore Kandel

Better late than never on this story......

Lenore Kandel (January 14, 1932, New York City - October 18, 2009, San Francisco, California) was an American poet in much the same way that Sammy Davis Jr. was Jewish. Kandel was briefly notorious as the author of a short book of poetry, The Love Book. A small pamphlet consisting of four poems, The Love Book provoked censorship with its poem, "To Fuck with Love." Police seized the work as being in violation of state obscenity codes, from both City Lights Books and The Psychedelic Shop in 1966. Consequently Kandel gained cause célèbre in San Francisco during the hippie movement in Haight-Ashbury. She referred to her verse as "holy erotica" and others, mostly other writers, called trash.

Kandel was a student of Zen before she moved from her native New York City to San Francisco in 1960. There she met the Beat poets Lew Welch and Gary Snyder and had a brief affair with Jack Kerouac. There is no evidence that Kandel or Kerouac ever wrestled with verb usage in their type writing. Kerouac immortalized Kandel as Romana Swartz, "a big Rumanian monster beauty," in his novel Big Sur (1962). In the novel, she is described as being the girlfriend of Dave Wain, who was based on Lew Welch. "Dave" describes how she walked around the "Zen-East House" wearing only purple panties. Kerouac described her as "intelligent, well read, writes poetry, is a Zen student, knows everything"

Along with Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Michael McClure and others, Kandel was a speaker at the Human Be-In in the Golden Gate Park polo fields on January 14, 1967. The only woman to speak from the stage, Kandel defiantly read from The Love Book. It was her 35th birthday that day, and McClure later stated, "The entire crowd of 20,000 or 30,000 people sang 'Happy Birthday' to her."

She published her only full-length book of poems, Word Alchemy, in 1967. Other works include An Exquisite Navel, A Passing Dragon, and A Passing Dragon Seen Again, published by Three Penny Press in 1959, although these are not so well known. Several of her poems also appeared along with Walter C. Brown's in Beat and Beatific II in 1959. She appears in the Kenneth Anger film Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969), smoking a marijuana cigarette contained in a miniature skull, and she was one of 15 people interviewed in Voices from the Love Generation (Little, Brown and Company, 1968).

In 1970, Kandel was severely injured in a motorcycle accident with her then-husband Billy Fritsch (poet and member of the Hells Angels). Despite her withdrawal from public life during and after her long convalescence, she continued to write, although none of her work has appeared in print since a limited edition of The Love Book was republished in 2003 by Superstition Street Press, a San Francisco publishing company. She died at home on October 18, 2009 of complications from lung cancer, with which she had been diagnosed several weeks earlier.

Boomers on a train

Boomers on a train

“Metro Center doors open on the right” the trains operator announced from a speaker in the subways cars ceiling. The crowd of almost a hundred that had been waiting on the platform flooded into the trains fifteen cars and scurried to the nearest plastic seats for the ride out of the city and back to the suburbs.

“Doors closing.” the disembodied voice announced “Next stop, McPherson Square”

Unable to find an empty seat, Katherine and Tillie, independent of each other grabbed a hand rail while the train slowly lurched forward, holing their briefcases and pocket books under their arms while they struggled against the car uneven rythem on the rails. A young man, perhaps he was just 18, cauight Tillie’s eye, smiled and sprung to his feet and gestured for her to take his seat. She returned his smile and gladly accpted his offer. “You’re very kind.” she said to him “It’s been a long day, my feet hurt.”

“Yeah, that’s OK.” the kid responded “My mother says the same thing when she gets home from work”

At that, a second young man stood and in a jesture more sweeping than he probably intended offered his seat to Katherine who, for reasons she didn’t really understand declined his offer “Oh! Um...no I’m okay, but thank you”

“Its okay” he said “we’re getting off at the next stop anyway” and that, she took his seat and said quetly “You’re a very considerate young man, thank you”

Tillie, who had taken out a magazine to read, put it down and nodding at the boys said “Their good kids, this generation.”

“They are.” Katherine agreed

From across the isle, Dickie Judd, who had watched the seating arrangements added “You know why? Their parents haven’t declared a culture war on them like they were with us. It makes a difference.”

“You’re right.” said Stella Daly who was seated near him “That’s true. Very true.”

“You forget how young they are” Katherine said “The other day I told this girl in my office that Americans were held hostage in Iran. She was appalled. She goes “We need to get them out of there!”

“Do you realize” Dickie asked “That they have no recollection of the Wall coming down and what that meant. The Cold War. They don’t know what that was. They have never known the fear a nuclear war. Khrushchev. The Cuban missel crises. Hell, Tiananmen Square means nothing to them. I think they view the Vietnam War the way we viewed World War 1.”

The women nodded and Tillie added “Wow. You’re right. Am I that old?”

“No.” Katherine said “Their that young. In their world, there have always been computers, and internet. MTV.... AIDS...... “

“McPherson Square” the conductors voice blared, interupting her and the two young men exited the trian

“What astonishes me” Stella said “is how much younger their making adults these days. You know, most of my co-workers were born the same year I was hired at this job. When did we become the old people? You think the government would send out a notice something. I’m over the hill. Which is cool, but I wish they had told me when I reached the top of the damn hill, cause I don’t remember it. I suppose it’s universal and timeless that inside every older person is a younger person...wondering what the hell happened. The other day it struck me, I was old, when my daughter called me at 9 o’clock and asked "Did I wake you?"

“Today” Tillie responded “I got into in a heated debate over pension plans” causing them all to shutter a bit “On the other hand” she added placing her glasses on to read her newspaper “the AARP is hot for me”

There was a momentary silence broken by a man sitting a few rows down who asked “You know you stoop down to tie your shoes?” causing the group to look at him with interest and nod “Well” he continued “Do you find yourself wondering what else you can do while you're down there?” causing them all to wince in familiarity.

“I’m starting to have a hard time” Katherine said “remembering simple words like um......so anyway..........I bought some pills to improve my memory”

“Well that’s alright” Dickie said

“I forgot where I put them.” she continued “You what would be a good invention? If we born at the age of 80 and gradually became 18. But I’ll tell you what really shocks me. They other day I was in an antique store in Kensington and they had Malibu Barbie in there. Remember Malibu Barbie?”

They all smiled and fell silent recalling their childhoods.

“Somebody should come up with Barbie’s for us as we are now” Stella said “like Bifocals Barbie, Hot flash Barbie, Flabby Arms Barbie!”

“Divorced Barbie” said the man in the back “It comes with Ken’s house!“

“McPherson Square doors open on the left”

They smile at each other

“Do you remember”” the man in the back asked “when nobody and I mean, nobody, owned a purebred dog?”

They all nod.

“Next stop Foggy Bottom”

“Maybe I’m wrong” Tillie said to no one in particular “but I can’t remember our house doors ever being locked”

“Ours either” Dickie added

“Well that’s because they weren’t locked” Kathrine said “nearly everyone's Mother was at home when you got there from school.”

“Our minivan was the station wagon.” Stella said “You rode in the back facing the cars behind you. (beat) It was kind of nice, looking at other people and having them look at you. The keys to the car were in the car. In the ignition. Can you imagine that today?”

“The Trans Am.” Dickie said wistfully “What a great car...with a hula girl on the dashboard and an eight-track tape player. Now that was boss cool. The cops warning you to slow down.” He paused and, looked out the window in the blackness of a tunnel and said “Now my doctor warns me to slow.”

“You didn’t have to worry about the price of gas.” Katherine said “You and your girlfirends could cruise all night on weekends.”

“Peeling out!” said a middle aged voice from the back of the train

“Laying rubber.” another man shouted and pressed his foot to an imaginary gas pedal

“A driver’s license was just a piece of paper with no picture on it.” Dickie said

“You know” Stella countered “by then end of the week I actually look like the picture on my driver license.”

“I remember being worried about passing the driver's test.” one older man said to the another older man sitting across from him “Now I worry about passing the vision test. “

“Best card game ever invented?” someone shouted above the rails noise

“Go Fish.” several voices shouted back

“Playing baseball in the street and having to stop to let a car go by.” the man n the back said

“Football in the snow.” Dickie counered “No adults. If an adult tried to enforce the rules of the game, you stopped playing.”

“Remember when the worst the worst thing in the world, no matter who you are, was being picked last for a team?” Katherine said

“No” said Tillie

“No” Stella repeated

“Yeah, me either.” Katherine concluded

“Remember” asked an older man from the fron tof the train “when you had to ask for permission to use the Hi-fi in the pallor?”

“Slow dancing” Katherine said dreamily

“Dancing close.” Dickie said with on eye brow rasied

“I went to a grocery store yesterday” Katherine said “and they were playing the Muzak version of "Stairway to Heaven".

“Well” Tillie said “actually....the other day...I found myself singing along with the elevator Muzak.”

They all shook their heads in admitance

“That’s nothin’” a voice from the middle of the car said “last week I thought “You know, accordion music’s not that bad” and then the man hung his head in shame.

“I worry a lot” Dickie added “that the guy who thought up Muzak may be thinking of something else to invent”

“Farragut doors open on the right”

“I remember” Stella said looking out the window “when going downtown seemed like going somewhere important. It was kind of a big deal. They even had a song about it.”

“Petula Clark!” somebody said quickly

“All the pictures from my childhood are in black and white.” Dickie said “I see that and I go “Wow, dude, you are so ancient”

“When I was a kid” Stella said “every television in the world was black and white. It took five minutes for the TV to warm up. I don’t know why, it just did. So, if your show came on at eight o’clock, you sent your little brother down to turn on the TV at five minutes to eight. If a storm came, my mother made us turn off the TV because it attracted lightening. That probably wasn’t true but it was scary enough......the thought of a bolt of lightening coming through your TV set and zapping you dead in you living room.... that you listened to her and turned it off. “

“You know what else was in black and white?” Dickie continued, talking to himself more than the others “Sneakers. And their were two kinds, boys and girls Every sneaker in the world was made by Keds and only by Keds and the only time you wore them at school was for gym”

“Catching fireflies was important.” Katherine said “So was spinning around, getting dizzy, and falling down. No reason, you just did it. Sometimes I would run until I was out of breath and you know why? Not for health reasons...just...I don’t know...just because... that’s why...and then you’d collapse on the ground and laugh about it. Today you do that, you’d get arrested.”

“ I used to stop and stare at clouds” Tillei said. “Sometimes I’d try to see things in them, like shapes, or sometimes I’d just stand there and watch the wind blow the clouds around and a lot of times, I don’t know, I just watched the clouds because...why not? When was the last time you uttered the words "That cloud looks like a..."?

“Yeah” somebody whispered loud enough for all to hear. It was a good whipser

“Popcorn balls at Christmas!” Stella said “What was on those things? Shellac?”

“oly-oly-oxen-free!” Tille said loudly “What did that mean anyway? Was it “All the Ox in for free?” and why?

“Running through the sprinkler!” Katherine counterd

“We actually made decisions by going "eeny-meeny-miney-mo". Tillie declared and then added “Do kids still do that?”

“I hope so.” Dickie answered “I still do. Remember when the kids on the next block around the corner seemed like another culture in another universe?”

“Where I lived it was true” a voice from the middle of th car said

“Remember sitting on the gutter yelling at each other across the street.” someone asked from the front of the car “Wasn’t it great to yell?”

“Going steady.” Stella added with a smile as she looked into yesterday “It wasn’t a theory. You actually declared it. Out loud. Girls wore their boyfriend’s class ring with an inch of wrapped Band-Aids to keep it from falling off. “

“Ironing your hair!” Tillie said

“Fall out shelters” Dickie added and then said “Wait a minute...ironing your hair? Why would you do that?”

“To make it straight.” Katherine answered for her “It looked granny glasses and white Go-go boots”

“We had a corner store” an older man towards the front said loudly “sold wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water, two cents each. You could buy a box of candy cigarettes. Imagine that? Candy cigarettes for children! Blackjack chewing gum...what redneck neo-Nazi thought that up? Who bought that stuff and why?”

Tillie repleid that “School had smells that were all their own.” She paused and added “I used to love to laugh so hard my stomach hurt.”

“The ice cream man!” someone in the center rows said

“I was not above reaching into a muddy gutter for a penny.” Katherine added “There was no telling where I would reach for a lost nickel and a dime. Forget about it. A quarter was big money.”

“Yeah but, you could do a lot with a quarter.” Stella reminded her

“A pack of baseball cards and Beatle cards and Man from Uncle cards only cost 11 cents plus tax.” Dickie said “They came with a slab of pink bubblegum that was as hard as cardboard but you ate it anyway.”

“Oh!” a man towards the rear of the car said with a raised finger “Black lights. Lava lamps. Tie-dye T-shirts. Mood rings. Love beads. Platform shoes. Bell-bottoms. Did I really wear bell-bottoms?”

“I used to worry about seeds and stems.” a man towards the front told his seat mate “Now I worry about roughage. My search for killer weeds been replaced by my search for a really good weed killer. In fact, the only time I even mention good grass is when I’m talking about somebody’s lawn”

“We walked to the movie theater from home.” a lady towards the back said to anyone “When was the last time you did that? “

“I can remember which episode of "The Brady Bunch" it is by the first scene” another woman added “Laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside the box. Milk came in bottles. They came with cardboard stoppers to seal it back up again after you opened it. Stuff from the store came without safety caps and hermetic seals, because at that point no one in America had yet tried to poison a perfect stranger. Would you drink something that was left on your doorstep today? And there was only one kind of milk. The regular kind. No one percent, diet, ten percent of whatever, there was just milk.”

“Balsa wood airplanes” Dickie said to himself

“Tinkertoys.” a vocie in the room replied

“Erector Set that never erected anything unless your parents helped you.” said another

“The Fort Apache Play set.” Dickie answered “and Lincoln Logs.”

“Climbing trees.” Katherine said “and Mosquito bites... Jumping down the steps...how long has it been since you jumped down some stairs?” Tillie pondered “and being tickled. Being tired from playing ...what a great notion isn’t it?

“Court House, doors open on the left. Clarendon. Next stop Clarendon”

“That’s me” Tillie said, standing to leave

“Me too” Stella added, also standing.

“That’s me” Katherine added

“Sometimes I wonder” Stella said “how the world will judge our generation. You ever wonder about that?

“Well this is me” Dickie said and stood to leave the train as well “You know, there’s this story about how, after the end of world war two, this English duchess or something was at party and she kept pestering Dwight Eisenhower about how the US really won the war and what was our secret weapon an all. So, like she just kept going on about the this secret weapon. So after a while, Eisenhower turns to her and goes “Lady, I’ll tell you what America’s secret weapon is America’s secret weapon are the best God-damn kids in the world” I kind of like to think that describes us too. Overall, we were pretty good kids, I think. We did okay. I mean we didn’t blow up the world or anything seriously bad like that. Anyway, take care, mouseketier”

As the train slowed, they walked towards the doors together. As the doors opened and they left and the train slowly pulled out of the station.

“Next stop, Dunn Loring- Merrifield doors open on the left”

Edwin Newman, NBC correspondent, dies at 91