It is indecent for a man in the streets of New York City, or Detroit, or Cleveland, or Watts, to surrender the only life that he has to despair and to hopelessness, and I think we can change it, I think that we can do better. I think we can do better in South Vietnam, it’s not easy, there are no easy solutions or easy answers. And I don’t come to you and say that I have an easy answer to all of these problems, but I say we can do much, much better than we have in the past and if I am elected President of the United States, we’ll do it. – RFK, 1968

Undetonaded four megaton Mark 39 thermonuclear bomb,

Undetonated four megatons Mark 39 thermonuclear bomb, with its parachute still attached, after it was accidentally dropped from a breaking apart B-52 bomber over Goldsboro, North Carolina,  January 24, 1961

The Beatles!

Bobby and Ethel in better times

Goldie from Laugh In

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Santa at the R&R camp in Da Nang.

Neil Armstrong next to a Lunar Landing Research Vehicle , nicknamed the “flying bedstead,” at Edwards Air Force Base, California, August 1, 1964

Members of the Klan march through Salisbury, North Carolina, 1964

The music was the greatest and all these decades later its still popular

60s style

Filming “West Side Story” (1961)

I loved, just adored, the cars from the early 1960s. It was a joy to ride in them



Bob Peak for the 1961 Mercury Comet
Jayson Shirts, 1962

Elizabeth Montgomery

Carnaby Street photographed by Ted Spiegel in September 1967.

Woman learning that JFK has been killed 
                                Adam Clayton Powell and JFK at Kennedy's home in Georgetown

So sixties

 See guy dressed like Tarzan? This was taken at Woodstock, but anyway, in the 60s, very very very few people looked like this guy and the ones that did were usually nuts or hustlers or both.

JFK on the sea

RFK, with Jr. on his shoulders, and Kathleen, walking across the Big Lawn at Hyannis Port.

RFK, with Jr. on his shoulders, and Kathleen, walking across the Big Lawn at Hyannis Port.