God, thank you so very, very much for Joey Heatherton.Thank you, really

Dead or Alive....Not just cool, Steve McQueen cool

Beach Boys, cool shirts

The Sandpipers (Come Saturday Morning)

Julie Newmar, Cat woman

Sharon Tate

Eric Burdon

Pat Cooper

Jerry Rubin (Second from the right)

Art Linkletter

Ted Mack (Sponsored by Geritol)

Mission: Impossible

Felony Squad!

Disney Land 1969


Tim Conway, McHale's Navy

Get Smart, again, much funnier as an adult viewer

Barbra Eden...thank you, God

Donald Sutherland

The Munsters, a lot funnier when you're an adult

I saw Micky Dolenz here in DC last year, I should have said hello

jack LaLane, 40 years ahead of his time

Lost in Space, Ed Wood would have been proud

I had, like, five of these things.

Janice..what would have become of her otherwise?

Jack Webb, Dragnet

Batman bad guys

The Dating Game, Monday-Fridays at 4:00

Jack Lemmon

I LOVED Soupy Sales, Channel 5 at 3:00


Sid Melton

Sid Melton (94) character actor perhaps best known for his roles on the hit TV shows Green Acres and The Danny Thomas Show died of pneumonia in Burbank, California on November 2, 2011.

Alan Grigsby Sues

Alan Grigsby Sues (March 7, 1926 – December 1, 2011) the comic actor widely known for his roles on the 1968–1973 television series Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In died on December 1, 2011, at his home of an apparent heart attack