Suzanne Pleshette in full attack makeup and Rod Taylor on the set of The Birds (1963).


Camay...remember this?


Early early Beatles





L'Année dernière à Marienbad

 L'Année dernière à Marienbad was screened at the Venice Film Festival on 29 August 1961, before opening in France a month later.

Written by 39-year-old Alain Robbe-Grillet and directed by 39-year-old Alain Resnais (in his second feature), the film was rejected by Cannes but received the Gold Lion at Venice and has received polarizing views ever since.

Released in the US in March 1962 as Last Year at Marienbad, the film was reviewed both as “the greatest film ever made” and an “aimless disaster.” Robbe-Grillet was nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplay, which reportedly was exactingly detailed, including directions for camera movements and soundtrack choices. Resnais was quoted as saying that he felt like a “robot” in the early days of shooting, adhering closely to the script. The few changes he did make left Robbe-Grillet saying the finished film was a “betrayal.”

The film’s over-stylized “neo-surrealism” might have confused and frustrated audiences, but it had a significant influence on many directors, including Stanley Kubrick (who cited it as an influence on The Shining), Akira Kurosawa (who named it as his favorite film), Agnes Varda, and too many tv commercial and music video directors.

Roger Miller


Everyone's gone to the moon


The Dave Clark 5


The Byrds


The Beatles!


60s chicks

Ali MacGraw photographed by Sante Forlano, 1967.j



                                                 Jane Fonda at 24 years old, 1962.


Barbara Eden  production still from The Manicurist, season 2, episode 16 of The Andy Griffith Show first broadcast January 22, 1962.
Claudia Cardinale in Rome, Italy. 1961

Viet Nam was one big pain in the ass




The Beatles (of course)


This song was on the charts all summer long


Grazen in the grass


Lets Twist


Band stand...Saturday mornings


Small Faces...they were really much to good for pop music




Peter this was a really cool show, well written and well made


Bond....James Bond


Lesley Gore on Batman


The Beach Boys!


Elvis and Ann Margaret




There was a time in America when entertainers were on TV, now we have amateur's and actors


The Green Hornet




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So Sixties


Viet Nam...what a downer pain in the ass


What's my line? What a terrific show that was, on every day at 4:00






The Beatles cartoon every Saturday morning at 11:00


Sunday nights at 7


Gunsmoke and I grew up together


Go speed racer!


Sunday nights at 8


Jackie Gleason was everywhere in the 1960s...and thank God for that