So sixties

So sixties...I could live problem

You look at them now and realize "My God, they were just kids"

The Post arrived at our house via the mail every Saturday morning, we would take numbers to read it next (look at the pictures actually)

This (above) was a Beatles Card...remember Beatles Cards? Like Baseball Cards but better 

Look at where Archie's eyes are pointed

The Searchers - Needles And Pins ('64)

It took me 35 years to stop the fun of smoking. I could bought a tobacco farm by now

Shotgun..this is a GREAT song

Yeah, lead women around by the nose, let me know how that works out

Cannibal And The Headhunters - Land Of 1000 Dances

Of course their all dead now but still

The McCoys - Hang On Sloopy

Surpisingly, the Dormeyer Company is out of business

Yeah, my wife, who is a fine driver by the way, reads this blog, so I have nothing to say about this ad

Ah! See! Sometimes narcotics are helpful

How many women do you think were on this ad team?

well, the daisy and a couple of shots of rum for everbody will make it a Christmas to remember

Yep, a woman can do idiot you.

Um....I don't know

Yeah, go ahead, show her its a mans world, see what happens don't know

Guess who the 5th man is

Yeah, I don't think we'll be seeing this type of advertising to kids for a while

Oh don't worry dear, the infants will be fine wrapped in cellophane