Pontiac dies, labor cuts off nose to spite face

From Life in Legacy.com

General Motors Pontiac (84) General Motors auto brand that invented the muscle car under its flamboyant engineer John Z. DeLorean, helped Burt Reynolds to elude Sheriff Justice in Smokey & the Bandit, and taught baby boomers to salivate over horsepower but produced mostly forgettable cars for their children. The cause of death was in dispute: fans said Pontiac’s wounds were self-inflicted, while GM blamed a terminal illness contracted during bankruptcy in 2009. Its biggest hit was the GTO, developed in the ‘60s by DeLorean, the brand’s chief engineer, in violation of a GM policy dictating the maximum size of a car’s engine. Pontiac built its last car nearly a year ago, but the official end coincided with the expiration of GM’s agreements with Pontiac dealers, on October 31, 2010.