Get your kicks on Route 66

First aired Oct 7, 1960 Route 66 began as a backdoor pilot episode of Naked City in 1959. The concept was that two ex-servicemen in NY, Johnny and Linc decided they were too restless to stay in New York City, and more of the world existed that they had to see. The episode concluded when they left Johnny's family's apartment building, setting out for parts unknown.
The series changed before production began with the sudden death of actor Robert Morris who was cast as Linc. He was replaced by Martin Milner who along with George Maharis were the leads Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock. Buz was often compared to the real life beat generation author of On The Road, Jack Kerouac.
Following season two circumstances again altered the program when Maharis fell ill and was replaced by Glenn Corbett in season three as the new character Lincoln "Linc" Case.
The show always shot on location, each episode in a different local each with new characters and a distinct plot...the writers intent was to introduce America to itself with the backdrop being Route 66.
The series ended as planned with the two travelers going their separate ways when Tod announced his plan to marry a Houston commodities broker played by Barbara Eden.