So Sixties.............

Birdland [The original Birdland 1949–65] Jazz Corner of the World - Broadway & 52nd Street, NYC

Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen  during production of John Sturges’s The Magnificent Seven (1960)

David Crystal - Fall 1963

Delta Airlines new offices, N.Michigan, Mr.and Mrs.George Stayman and Mr.and Mrs.William Hagenah, Dec 11, 1968.

Don Messick the voice of so many cartoon characters…

Downtown Las Vegas, early 1960 

Editha Duster in a dress by Nina Ricci.

FEB 8 1967 Aurora’s 18th Civil Defense Siren Goes up Siren is installed at E. Mississippi Ave. and Joliet St.

Flamingo Capri Motel. Las Vegas, c.1960.

Girls in racy fringe ensembles show off their moves at the Disc-Au-Go-Go, 1965

GOP Convention, Senator Dirksen , July 26, 1960

Hells Angels Biker, 1965 Photo Bill Ray

Holiday Inn Central - Denver, Colorado by Jordan Smith