By Ron and Elizabeth Morrison (Exisle Publishing, $39.99, softcover, 183 pages) Book Review By Rama Gaind PS News Books

Nostalgia will reign supreme as you meander down memory lane with this book that finely combines splendid photography and momentous historical information about the decade that’s said to have changed Australia – and the world.

  The Newcastle-based authors take delight in recovering lost recollections through this pictorial essay which they hope will “allow older Australians to experience again thisexciting time of change, while at the same time introducing younger Australians to the decade often referred to as the Swinging Sixties”.

  The Morrisons have found going back in time to be a “fascinating and enjoyable task” that has evoked “so many memories of an extraordinary 10 years – a decade that changed Australia in so many ways”.
  Being a photographer, Ron Morrison met some pretty amazing people.
  The coffee table book enables you to reminiscence on numerous milestone moments: the Vietnam War and the conscription lottery; the loss of a Prime Minister through
 drowning; the advent of decimal currency; the building of the iconic Opera House; the excitement of Kings Cross; Aboriginal recognition and the changing social patterns; caring for the environment; freedom of information; new frontiers with the mineral boom; new towns appearing in the desert; and the stepped-up campaign for women’s rights.
  There was also Beatlemania, hippies, mini skirts, pop art, free love, protests and the generation gap.
  The kaleidoscopic colour and black and white images of the ‘60s are juxtaposed to accentuate the excitement of the times and the cavernous difference between the beginning and end of the decade.
  These ‘slices of life’ will undoubtedly be unforgettable for “those who lived it and a learning curve for those who weren’t present”.