“The Addams Family Musical” making Idaho premiere at the Morrison Center

 “The Addams Family Musical,” based on the beloved television show of the 1960s, is making their Idaho premiere at the Morrison Center on Dec. 14 and 15 for a total of three performances.

“It’s definitely an Idaho premiere,” said James Patrick, executive director of the Morrison Center. “We’re always trying to bring in new product whenever we can. The fact that this is a recent hit on Broadway is exciting. The fact that it has not been here before is exciting as well.”
“The Addams Family Musical” was chosen by the Morrison Center under the Fred Meyer Broadway in Boise series.

“Part of our mission is to bring the very best that Broadway has to offer that is on tour to Idaho and to Boise. Which show gets selected depends on a lot of different factors, obviously expense and cost, risk and reward or which shows just happen to be on tour and we can secure for Boise,” Patrick said.

This musical will not stray far from the television show of the mid-1960s that ran for two seasons. The show is centralized around a macabre peculiar family made up of a diverse group of individuals and their trials in fitting in.
Later on, “The Addams Family” was made into a series of three feature films throughout the 1990s.
“The musical is based on the comedy TV series with all the traditional and popular characters involved in the plot including Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Grandma, Wednesday, Pugsly, and Lurch,” Patrick said.
The show will cover the grown-up “princess of darkness” daughter, Wednesday Addams, and her attempt to introduce her normal boyfriend to her outlandish family.
Tyler Hawkins, a senior mass communication major, is a fan of “The Addams Family.”
“I think all of the characters are diverse and interesting in their own way. Probably Gomez is my favorite though; he reminds me of a good used car salesman and he’s pretty smooth in a goofy way,” Hawkins said.
For Hawkins, seeing “The Addams Family Musical” is reminiscent of his youth.
“My mom had some videos from the 1960s and I watched those. I liked the movies from the 1990s because they were supposed to be this scary family, but they weren’t. They just did weird dark stuff,” Hawkins said.
This musical showcases the talents of many critically-acclaimed individuals. This new musical comedy was authored by the same folks, Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, did the “Jersey Boys” which was very popular. They’ve won a lot of different awards. The composer, Andrew Lippa, also did “The Wild Party” which is another popular hit.
This is a new musical nationally.
“The Addams Family” was first produced on Broadway in 2010, and started touring nationally in 2011 and the American tour will end mid-2014,” said Virginia Treat, the Events and Marketing manager for the Morrison Center.
The Morrison Center  hopes to attract a wide variety of audiences to this event.
“It’s a comedy so it has a very wide-reaching audience and it comes in the right time for the us, mid-December, so it is perfect for the holidays, too,” Patrick said.
This musical is advertised as an ages eight and up event, so families are encouraged to attend.
“The Addams Family” is sure to be a fun family event. We like to offer a variety of productions in our Broadway season, from classics like ‘Hello Dolly,’ to blockbuster hits like ‘Wicked,’ and family friendly productions like ‘The Addams Family,’” Treat said.
Student prices are discounted for this show.
“They are at a very steep discount. Tickets cost $20.75, including all fees,” Patrick said.
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit mc.boisestate.edu.