'The Fugitive' gets reprieve on TV network

By Glynn Moore

Recently I wrote that the finale of the 1960s series The Fugitive was being shown again on television. A lot of you responded, so I wanted to pass on good news in case you missed the two-parter or, indeed, the entire rerun of the 120-episode series.

 That finale, called The Judgment, will be shown yet again this Friday night. I confirmed with Memorable Entertainment Television, which runs classic series, that it is showing the two hourlong episodes back to back beginning at 8 p.m.
In addition, Me-TV will air the entire series again, beginning at midnight Sunday (meaning it ends at 1 a.m. Monday). That’s good news for fans of Dr. Richard Kimble (played by David Janssen), who returns home to find his wife slain and a one-armed man fleeing.
If you missed the network’s previous run of The Fugitive, this is your chance to have some fun. Watch it each week and count the aliases that Kimble uses as he travels the country seeking the real killer. Count the odd jobs he takes, the women he woos, the injuries he incurs. And, as fellow Fugitive-philes David and Traci pointed out, try to keep up with the number of battered old suitcases he discards during his weekly getaway. Enjoy!