The Wild Bunch (Is, I believe, slightly overrated)


The Wild Bunch premiered in Los Angeles, CA on 18 June 1969.
The film was immediately declared a masterpiece by some critics (e.g. Vincent Canby and Roger Ebert) and criticized for its violence by others. Sam Peckinpah had been effected by the sanitized violence on TV and in the movies, especially compared with the violence of the Vietnam War shown on the nightly news. He saw the violence in The Wild Bunch as “ugly, brutalizing, and bloody awful; it’s not fun and games and cowboys and Indians. It’s a terrible, ugly thing, and yet there’s a certain response that you get from it, an excitement, because we’re all violent people.“
The film was a box office success and earned 2 Academy Award nominations: Best Original Screenplay (Walon Green, Sam Peckinpah, Roy Sickner) and Best Original Score (Jerry Fielding). Both awards went to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (screenwriter William Goldman and composer Burt Bacharach).