Lyle Waggoner, 'The Carol Burnett Show' star, dead at 84

Lyle Waggoner, known for his work on "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Wonder Woman," has died at the age of 84.
The actor passed away Tuesday after a battle with cancer, according to his rep.
In a statement obtained by Fox News, Waggoner's rep said that the “loving husband, father, grandfather, entrepreneur, and actor passed away peacefully at home on March 17th at the age of 84 with his wife at his side. The cause of death was cancer.”Waggoner served as the announcer for and played various characters in "The Carol Burnett Show" from 1967 to 1974.
Burnett, now 86, said that she was looking for someone with good looks in addition to comedic chops to fill the role so that she could play her ugly duckling skits with him.
Waggoner also served as the first centerfold for Playgirl magazine, which called him "the stuff of which sexual fantasies are made, a 6-foot-4 hunk of gorgeous beefcake."
He then joined the cast of "Wonder Woman," alongside Lynda Carter, as Steve Trevor, a soldier who crash-landed on Wonder Woman's mysterious island of Amazon women.
During his time on the show, Waggoner developed a business renting motor homes for stars to relax in during their downtime on-set. Former President Bill Clinton even took advantage of the service during his 1996 visit to California.