two things..............a million viewers and today's lunatic Marie Ferraro

Two things, we hit a million, just wow....I'm pleased to bring this blog to you and look forward to the years to come...and THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH

secondly, whenever you write to the public, you're absolutely guaranteed to draw in whack jobs, crazy cat ladies, and just plain scary people..... I'm used to it.  But we have an exceptionally odd duck this time named Marie Ferarro, although I suspected its a face page. 

Todays lunatic;
When you write posts for the public, you have to expect the loons to find a way into something everyone else is enjoying. 

Todays Loon is Marie Ferraro who says she lives in Santa Barbara Calf. Her profile is on Facebook.

She has a problem with me being brought up in the foster care system and assumes I was raped while in the system.
I wasn't, but thousands of other kids are raped in the system. Some are beaten to death, a lot of kids end up killing themselves.
Ending up a foster kid wasn't my first choice. You don't get a lot choices when you're a foster kid. But I'm not ashamed of it either. I wrote a book about it, its called "No Time to Say Goodbye A life in foster care"

"Poor Johnny just can't stop snitching on this thing of ours, is it because poor Johnny had such a miserable childhood and now he's getting back at all those meanie weanie's? I mean, look at this clown, look in his eyes, you can see he was buggered when he was just a little boy, poor Johnny, for he is so consumed with his snitching that he'll never see ndrangheta waiting for him around that corner. Poor Johnny, ciao ciao. " 💋

...and feel free to look in my eyes, I think the only thing they show is that I'm happy