It happened in the 60s

“The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” (1968)

“Untitled”, 1969, Mark Rothko

60s London models Jenny Boyd, Jill Kennington, Sue Murray, Celia Hammond, Pattie Boyd, and Tania Mallet.

1960 Japanese radical students invaded parliament’s grounds and engaged in a bloody  police using fire hoses and clubs, June 15. Shouting against pro-American Prime Minister Nobusuke Kish


Actor Jimmy Stewart pins the gold bars of a Marine second lieutenant on his stepson, Ronald, February 1968. Ronald was killed in Vietnam in 1969.
Alan Aldridge (1965)

Charles Whitman University, Texas. Tower sniper killed. 1966
Churchill died on January 24, 1965, at the age of 90, shortly after suffering a stroke

32 hours stay in an underground 1963
1964 Civil Defense Shelter US Rubber Tire Co Chicopee Falls MA
civil defense kit 1962
Control Room Atomic Power Plant, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1963.
 1967 In Time of Disaster, Mayor and his Cabinet Would sit in center All emergency operations would be directed from desks facing these situation maps.
                       FEB 8 1967 Aurora’s 18th Civil Defense Siren Goes up Siren is installed 
Probable Targets in the US for a Soviet Nuclear Strike.
JAN 16 1963 Shelters Are Well Stocked Jane Rademacher, left, of Highland Park, III., and Christine Taylor, right, of Dallas, Tex., aren’t part of the provisions of the civil defense fallout shelters
MAY 4 1960 She Wouldn’t Take Shelter New York police carry off a struggling woman who was arrested  with some 25 other nonconformists who refused to take shelter in a large-scale civil defense 
OCT 21 1963, OCT 27 1963 Crash “Victims” Sprawl out around fire Realistic plastic “wounds” were strapped to bodies.

NOV 5 1962 Walter Brown, Golden, CO city manager, mounts plaque while Wildman (left), North watch.

NOV 1 1961 Englewood Civil Defense Firemen With Their Emergency Truck Men

                                    NOV 21 1961  two-hour Civil Defense drill