Charles Manson is getting married; US prisoner obtains marriage license

Christina Williams

Charles Manson has applied for a marriage license and was approved, according to AP on Nov. 17. That’s right folks; Charles Manson will soon be hitched. Her reasons for marrying him are almost as confusing as to why someone would marry someone serving a life sentence with no possibility for parole anytime soon.
Afton Elaine Burton- who calls herself Star- is a 26-year-old woman that regularly visits him. She relocated from her Midwestern home to California nine years ago for the sole reason to be close to him. If you do the math, that means she moved to California when she was only 17 years-old. The reason she is marrying him is simple; she believes he is innocent. The couple must tie the knot so Burton can obtain key evidence, that she believes could set him free. She said with a smile on her face, "I love him."
She said they have 90 days to get married. According to Burton, they would have been married last month, but Manson was punished for his behavior and not eligible. He had three counts of possessing a weapon and threatening the prison staff. She expects the wedding day to be within a month. The prison holds marriages the first Saturday of each month. Charles Manson will not be eligible for parole until the year 2027. He has been in prison for most of his life. Do you think she will be able to get a new trial for him? Is it possible he could be innocent?