Is the Sixties the best decade ever?


From The Beatles to the moon landing and England winning the World Cup, the sixties are still seen as a time of great music, innovation and historic events.
So it is perhaps no surprise that one third of Britons said they would rather be living in the Swinging Sixties, saying it was ‘an age of change for the better.’
Two thirds of the 2,000 people who were polled said there was ‘greater optimism’ in the Sixties than in today’s troubled world, despite the Cold War tensions at the time.
However many of the 18 to 60 year olds who were surveyed are far too young to remember the decade.
Neil Armstrong becoming the first man on the moon in 1969 was picked as the defining moment of the decade, followed by the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and the 1968 assassination of Martin Luthur King.
The poll, conducted by the Yesterday TV channel, also found 17 per cent would prefer to live in the Seventies and 10 per cent chose the Fifties.

Favourite 60’s songs:
1, The Beatles - She Loves You - 21 per cent
2, The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love - 13 per cent
3, The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand – 12 per cent
4, Elvis Presley – It’s Now or Neve r- 11 per cent
5, The Beatles – We Can Work It Out – 10 per cent
Favourite 60’s films:
1.Mary Poppins – 17 per cent
2.The Sound of Music – 16 per cent
3.Psycho – 10 per cent
4.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid- 10 per cent
5.Doctor Zhivago – eight per cent.