The sixties voted the most fashionable decade

It was a decade of mini skirts, shift dresses and the birth of monochrome, and with these fashion trends still alive now, it's no wonder the Sixties have been voted the most fashionable decade.
A fifth of women voted the decade the most fashion conscious, followed closely by the twenties and then the fifties.
The decade was famed for its rising hemline, vivid colours, bold patterns, new fabrics, shorter hair and for fashion icons like Mary Quant and Twiggy.
Respondents claimed this was the one decade they felt revolutionised the way both women and men dressed.
One respondent said: “I love the fashion from the 60s. It was so colourful and the clothes were very different to anything women had ever worn before. For me this was the decade which gave women fashion choice and the freedom to wear what they wanted – however short the hemline.”
The roaring 20s with its flapper style dresses, cloche hats, trousers for women and bobbed hair took second place with 16% of those questioned saying this was their number one.
Another said: “The fashion in the 1920s was amazing. The flapper dresses were just beautiful and so decadent. I loved the cloche hats too. If I could go back to any decade, that would be the one for me. I’d just love to try on those gorgeous party dresses.”
The post war 1950s came in at third place with 15% of respondents saying they loved the structured dresses and the colours of the fabrics.
The fashionable noughties took fourth place with 14% of the vote. This was the decade that introduced Uggs to the UK as well as skinny jeans, maxi dresses, gladiator sandals and boho chic.
Around one in eight people, 12%, agreed that the 1940s was the most fashionable decade with its full skirts, wide legged trousers and waist clinching belts.
Coming in at sixth place with nine per cent with was the pre war 1930s, famed for its sophisticated and sleek dresses and tailored suits for women.
The grunge look of the 1990s took seventh place with eight per cent followed by the 1980s with four per cent of the vote.
The 1910s came in at ninth with two per cent with the 1970s propping up the bottom of the poll with just one per cent of those questioned voting it as the most fashionable decade.
A third added: “The 70s and 80s were most definitely the decades that fashion forgot. The shell suits, shoulder pads and stirrup pants of the 1980s were just awful and the flares and tie-dye of the 1970s are criminal. The fashion police would have a field day if they went back to these decades.”
Spokeswoman for, Louise Martin said: “Fashion and style is a really personal thing – what one woman loves another may hate, although I think we’d all agree that there have been some real style highlights over the last century.
“Women’s fashion has changed so much – we’ve gone from being very formal and structured to today’s women being able to wear whatever they want and having so much to choose from.
“Sometimes it would be nice to have a bit of old school Hollywood glamour, although nothing beats getting home from work and pulling on your favourite jeans or your onesie.”

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