Murray the K

Where I grew up, in southern Connecticut, we had transistors (Little radios) and listened to a DJ named Murray the K  on WINS out of Manhattan.  Murray the K was the original shock jock, although, in reflection, back then,  he just seemed like an adult who had way, way, way too much coffee.  The reason we listened to him was that he billed himself as “The Fifth Beatle” and every now and then, he would play a phone interview with one of the Beatles (or at least that’s what he told us) that lasted, perhaps, one minute.  We had no idea what the Beatle had said since their accents were still very thick in 1964-65, we were used to listening to Richard Burton’s version of English (He was Welsh, surprisingly enough). I remember one call where I was pretty sure Ringo said "Wull lapa tuna cul blimy" but maybe not.