Pop and Modern art flourish in the 60s

 Warhol's Silver Factory Studios   
Wanda Pimentel, Untitled, from the series “Envolvimento,” 1968.

Evelyne Axell, Ice Cream, 1964

Man with Vespa, 1963

Richard Hamilton, Interior 1964, published 1965

Barbara Nessim, Masked Man, 1969

David Hockney  Los Angeles 1967

Scene from the Train Window, 1960, Martiros Sarian

The Birth of Day, 1968, Joan Miro

The cow, 1910, Wassily Kandinsky

The Flight of the dragonfly in Front of the Sun, 1968, Joan Miro

To Miz - Pax Vobiscum, 1964, Hans Hofmann