I was 13 years old when Senator Robert F. Kennedy was killed in June of 1968. I had a paper route, 50 houses in all, and the day after he was killed, June 9; there was a photo of the Senator on the front page of our local paper, the Ansonia Evening Sentential.
 It was a horrible photo.

He was lying on a floor; his arms spread out wide, a Filipino waiter holding up the senator head. I had to look at the photo fifty times that day and all these decades later, I can still see it. 

Senator Kennedy’s killer, Sirhan Sirhan said "My only connection with Robert Kennedy was his sole support of Israel and his deliberate attempt to send those 50 bombers to Israel to obviously do harm to the Palestinians”

M.T. Mehdi, then secretary-general of the Action Committee on American-Arab Relations, believed that Sirhan had acted in justifiable self-defense, stating: "Sirhan was defending himself against those 50 Phantom jets Kennedy was sending to Israel."

 (Sirhan shot five other people that night aside from Kennedy. Not one of them had sent a bomber to Israel)

The murder made Robert Kennedy one of the early victims of the Muslim extremist war on America that continues today. As for Sirhan, he has spent the last forty-six years in prison, almost always in solitary confinement for his own safety.  He has been denied parole repeatedly on the grounds that Sirhan still does not understand the full ramifications of his crime.