RIP, Rob Grill

Robert Frank "Rob" Grill (November 30, 1943 – July 11, 2011)] was a lead singer, songwriter and bass guitarist of the rock and roll band, The Grass Roots. Rob was a native of Hollywood, California where he attended Hollywood High School. Soon after graduation, Rob began working at American Recording Studios with musician friends Cory Wells and John Kay (who later formed Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf, respectively). Inspired to become a member of a successful band, Grill eventually was asked to join The Grass Roots.

The Grass Roots grew out of a project originating from Dunhill Records. Writer/producers P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri (The Mamas & the Papas, Tommy Roe, Four Tops and Dusty Springfield) were asked by Dunhill to write songs that would capitalize on the growing interest in the folk-rock movement.

The Grass Roots went on to chart twenty nine singles, thirteen of which went gold followed by two gold albums and two platinum albums, the groups hits included

"Let's Live For Today" 
"Midnight Confessions"
 "Wait A Million Years"

  Grill died July 11, 2011 in an Orlando, Florida hospital. He had been in a coma since sustaining a head injury several weeks earlier when he fell after suffering a stroke in Lake County, FL. He was 67.

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