Protesting the Polaris Missile 1960

West german police try to pull a man over the Berlin wall, one mans made i t over, shoot in the stomach, the other was killed as he was pulled up the wall by police

1964 Berlin Wall opened for one day visiting

1966 Gemini 2

"Moscow my ass, we're beat those bastards in space, just watch us" JFK off the record

Howard Duff

Frank Gifford 1960

Johnny Carson 1960 and 1963

Candidate Kennedy 1960

The Monkees

Sly Stone

Jim Nabors and Jackie DeShannon

Jack Baily's Queen for a Day, my mother watched it daily

Dr. Strangelove


Don Adams and Johnny Carson

The Cowsills of Rhode Island

Chris Montez

Black Panther recruits

Heu P. Newton

House Party with Art Linkleter

Tricia Nixon Walks With Princess Anne And Prince Charles To Helicopter

Cliff Robertson, The Devil's Brigade

Malcolm X

Tom Jones

Stalag 17

The Guess WHo

Marvin Gaye from Washington DC


What would Steve McQueen do?

Alan Funt

Honey West

My older sister used to call these guys "Dreamy" now she denies she ever said that

Pete best and the Beatles (Lennon wanted the name to be 'Les Beats' that didn't float so he moved the words around to Beatles)