so sixties

The great Stan Getz

The opening of Lincoln Center

Arie, John-John and Kathleen 

Michael Caine & Eva Renzi, Funeral in Berlin (1966


Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy Walk Toward Their Arrest, Birmingham, Alabama, 

Our cars were beautiful

62 chevy

Pontiac 1967

The April Fools

Jack Lemmon photographed on the set of “The April Fools” in New York City, 1968

Sixties women

Catherine Deneuve, 1965.
Diana Rigg - ‘The Avengers’ Publicity Shot
Natalie Wood
Sophia photographed by Alfred Eistenstaedt in Italy, 1961.

Arlington va 1960, counter sit in

Robert Crane, another proud Waterburian

Tippi Hedren

James Brown Jazz