Johnny Monarch’s us sixties cook

We drove down to Virginia’s Hunt County this past Sunday and came across this great place called Johnny Monarch’s….a bus-taurant. The food and the staff were fantastic but even if they hadn’t been I would have eaten there anyway…..I mean restaurant in an old London Double Decker?  How could I not eat there?

The Sixties' decor is wonderful.

The menu is mainline American. Our chef was a young man named Andrew who was kind enough to let me try a slice of Piedmont Pie, the house specialty. I had the steak and cheese, called “Steak me away”….very tasty and very large, you get your money’s worth in this place. I also had a side of potato salad made with southern overtones (Creole mustard, asparagus with red peppers) and they HAVE A FRIED BALONEY SANDWICH ON THE MENU. It's on the kid's menu but they’ll make it for you if you’re a big kid as well.

Johnny Monarch’s is located at 8372 W. Main Street Marshal, Va. 20117 Phone: 540-878-3555
(Marshal is named after John Marshall the fourth Chief Justice of the United States for whom Marshal University in West Virginia is named because West Virginia was once part of Virginia, which gave rise to the film name “We are Marsha” because West Virginia)