60's mish mash

Woody Allen meets the Queen, 1966

Washington -- A bomb exploded in a women's restroom in the Pentagon. The radical Weathermen claimed credit  celebrate Ho Chi Min

Vintage Halifax - 1960 A telephone booth is filled with snow during a storm

View of Boston skyline, circa 1964,  Boston Redevelopment Authority photographs,

Two women riding with the Hells Angels hang out at a bar in 1965

June 7, 1965 – U.S. Navy frogmen recover astronauts Jim McDivitt and Ed White after the Gemini 4 spacecraft splashed down in the Atlantic.

The Wilson Avenue Ravenswood “L” Station was to be torn down in 1963. This picture was taken on Dec. 12, 1963

The Strip. Las Vegas, 1969. View from a room at the Sahara, looking south at Riviera, Stardust and the Frontier.

The Merry Pranksters

The Electric Circus,19-25 St. Marks Place, NYC. Mural by Louis J. Delsarte, 1967


Students riots in Paris Toppled cars are seen in Rue Gay-Lussac in Paris, France, on May 11, 1968.