From Richard Burton’s diary regarding Lucille Ball

“She is a monster of staggering charmlessness and monumental lack of humour .... I am coldly sarcastic with her to the point of outright contempt but she hears only what she wants to hear .... She is a tired old woman and lives entirely on that weekly show which she has been doing and successfully doing for 19 years. Nineteen solid years of double-takes and pratfalls and desperate upstaging and cutting out other people’s laughs if she can, nervously watching the ‘ratings’ as she does so ... I loathe her today but now I also pity her. I make a point of never seeing her again .... Milady Ball can thank her lucky stars that I am not drinking. There is a chance that if I had I might have killed her. Jack Benny, the most amiable man in the world, and one of the truly great comedians of our time, says that in 4 days she reduced his life expectancy by 10 years.”

...on the other hand, Dickie,wasn't a rummy and she made millions of people laugh